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“Our Water Supply Is Not Infinite”: How to Do Your Part for Water Conservation

  • “Our Water Supply Is Not Infinite”: How to Do Your Part for Water Conservation
    September 10, 2015

    Only 3% of the earth’s water is freshwater; 97% is frozen as salt water in ice caps or glaziers. This fresh water is available as groundwater and is one of the fastest depleting natural resources in the world. According to statistics, North America is one of the most prominent culprits of this tragedy. Before it’s too late, water conservation has to be made one of our top priorities. As an eco-friendly auto detailing service, DetailXPerts is doing its part to conserve water. How can you do yours through auto detailing? Let’s find out.

    Auto detailing and water conservation

    The car wash industry is largely stigmatized for its perceived threat to the environment and natural resources, but this confusion must be cleared up as it is NOT the car wash industry that hurts the environment but washing your vehicle at home! The environmental laws are pretty strict when it comes to the auto detailing industry and everything has to be set up just the right way before any detailing service can be open for business. For instance, all car washes/detailing services must have proper water reclamation systems. Some detailing services like DetailXPerts have gone a step beyond this law and have implemented their own methods to optimize water use while delivering excellent auto detailing results.

    Why is it a bad idea to wash your vehicle at home?

    It has been empirically proven that vehicle washing at home will use at least 80 gallons which can go up to 140 gallons! This is more than twice the amount a commercial car wash will use. Think of all the little things you do when washing your vehicle like leaving the hose running and how much water is wasted as a result. Also, there is a higher possibility of water contamination occurring 1) if you are using chemical car wash products that leave toxic waste water (you do not own a water reclamation system) 2) washing your car near a storm drain through which toxic waster will join lakes, rivers, etc., contaminate water and harm their aquatic life. If you HAVE to wash your car at home, make sure to use buckets of water instead of the hose and always wash the car on a gravelly road. Also, try to use eco-friendly detailing products. Another important step is to STOP washing your car at charity car washes. Not only are they bad for your car, but they are also one of the worst water wasters.

    Steam cleaning and water conservation

    Steam cleaning is the ideal way to go if you really want to do your part for water conservation via auto detailing. It uses only a little more than a pint of water per car. It doesn’t produce toxic waste water and is a 100% green car wash method. It will also give you amazing detailing results. Steam also works as a great sanitizer. For so little, this method gives so much for the vehicle and the environment.

    It’s never too late to do your part for water conservation. If you choose the right auto detailing method and service that’s best for the environment, it should not be a difficult task. Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources that needs our protection so don’t think twice about making choices that will help this process.

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