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If You Ask Google for a Car Wash Near Me, Read This

  • If You Ask Google for a Car Wash Near Me, Read This
    March 13, 2017

    Have you searched Google for a “car wash near me?” Like most vehicle owners, you look for a wash within your vicinity so you can save time from traveling to a far off one. It’s also more convenient and good for fast clean-ups just when you need it most.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Wash Near You

    Although location matters when it comes to choosing the right car wash, there are still other points to consider. So before you head to that “car wash near me”, it would be a good idea to do an ocular inspection. Go around and ask questions. It will, after all, be the wash for your prized possession. Check out for the following:

    Auto detailing supplies

    Are they using organic supplies or chemically-laden ones? The first type is more expensive but safe for you, your vehicle and the environment. It doesn’t leave harmful residues that you and your passengers might inhale, threaten the integrity of your vehicle’s paint or pollute the environment.

    Wastewater management

    Wastewater from car washes contains oil, grease, detergents, phosphates and hazardous chemicals like hydrofluoric acid and ammonium bifluoride. This is why car washes need efficient wastewater management systems to filter these contaminants. Stay away if the water smells awful and looks cloudy. These signs indicate that the car wash’s wastewater management system is not working as it should. Contaminants

    Company culture

    Uniformed employees who are paid well, treated with fairness, and work in a harmonious environment are happy workers. They feel belongingness and appreciation, no matter how menial their line of work might seem to others. And happy workers are better workers. They are one with the management in providing superior customer experience to deliver satisfactory car wash services. They take care of vehicles as if they were their own. They even go beyond their duties to serve you better. Why? Because they would not want to leave a job that they love!

    Other Services

    Aside from washing vehicles, do they offer other services like tire and wheel detailing, leather seat conditioning, pet hair removal, and so on? You wouldn’t want to drive your car off to a detail shop just for these services, right? It’s inconvenient and time-consuming. So make sure that “car wash near me” has those too.


    Car Wash Near Me: Reality Check

    Let’s face it. Finding a car wash that provides everything you need can be difficult. And even if you do find a perfectly located car wash with all the perks, chances are, it has a long, long line of customers waiting for their vehicles to be served.

    If you want car detailing that’s patterned after your needs, why not consider mobile detailing? You can have your vehicle detailed anywhere you want – at home, at your office’s parking lot, outside your favorite gym, or even at your friend’s garage, at a time that’s most convenient for you.

    All you need to do is schedule an appointment. In case you need additional services, call the detailer beforehand and make your requests.


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