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Top 5 Most Common Car Superstitions

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    July 13, 2018

    When people hear Friday the 13th, they think ‘unlucky’. The origins of the belief prove difficult to determine, beginning sometime during the 19th century. Both the number 13 and Friday are considered unlucky alone but the combination more so. As a fun way to observe the infamous day, here are common car superstitions in America.

    Top 5 Car Superstitions

    Holding Your Breath

    One of the most well-known car superstitions for drivers – holding your breath before entering a tunnel or passing a cemetery. However, the reasons for each one is different. When entering a tunnel, everyone in the car holds their breath until they reach the end. This is believed to help prevent bad luck. Holding your breath while passing a cemetery is to show a sign of respect for the deceased.

    Slapping Sun Visor

    Some people believe that slapping your sun visor when you run a yellow light brings good luck and/or prevents accidents. Whether you kiss your fingers and tap the visor, or slap it, a large majority think it means safe passage through the intersection.

    Scratching Helmets

    For motorcyclists,  scratching/chipping a new helmet is believed to avoid accidents. When they purchase a helmet, before riding for the first time, they will add a scuff to the paint. Thus, the helmet has already been damaged and a collision won’t occur.

    Change Under Your Seat

    When you purchase a new vehicle at the dealership, toss some change under the seat. Ideally, the method brings good fortune to the new driver. However, in a pinch, it helps pay for small things like tolls. Additionally, this can be done by passengers in the car as well, not just the driver to bring fortune.

    Bird Poop

    This seems like one the least likely car superstitions you want to be true, but bird poop on your vehicle is a sign of good luck and riches. However, keep in mind that this damages the exterior paint of the vehicle when left on. Take this as a symbol of luck, but remove the bird poop as quickly as possible to avoid any lasting damage.

    Overall, some people believe in these car superstitions, while others may not. Taking care of your vehicle properly ensures your car continues to run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, if you want to remove any damaging bird poop from your exterior, visit an auto detailing shop! DetailXPerts is an eco-friendly, mobile detailing company that specializes in steam cleaning.

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