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Vehicle Reconditioning: When Do You Need It?

  • Vehicle Reconditioning: When Do You Need It?
    December 10, 2018

    Keeping your car clean and fresh requires meticulous work. But driving a beautiful and clean car is a rewarding experience. You can actually do some of the cleaning yourself. We have a great collection of articles to help you. Check out our guides for undercarriage cleaning, homemade degreaser for engines and upholstery stain removal. But major damages like large dents and deep scratches need professional vehicle reconditioning. This is the process of repairing and restoring your vehicle back to its pre-damaged condition. Maintenance services like auto detailing are done regularly while vehicle reconditioning is on an “as needed” basis.

    What Is Vehicle Reconditioning?

    Vehicle reconditioning is the process of cleaning every inch of your car inside and out. A professional will remove dents and scratches and will check the engine for needed repairs. Aside from improving the car’s appearance, this process will make your car smell like new, further enhancing the car’s perceived value.

    Cases in Which You Will Need Vehicle Reconditioning

    1. After a Collision to Fix the Damage

    If you had a vehicular accident, your car probably had major dents and scratches. The collision might have caused the windshields, lights, and windows to crack or shatter. Depending on the severity of the accident, the engine and interiors could also be damaged. A vehicle involved in an accident is most of the time deemed unsafe to drive until proper repairs are done. A running engine is not enough to make a car roadworthy. Barring total wreck damage, repairing a car is still cheap if you compare it to buying a new one. Besides, insurance will cover most of this.

    2. Before Selling a Car to Increase Its Value and Price

    More and more people are buying used cars instead of new ones. The average price of a new car is now around $30,000 to $40,000 which is a hefty purchase to make for most individuals. This is the reason why used but good running cars fetch a premium price. Vehicle reconditioning before putting it up for sale will add to its resale value. Any scratch, dent, cigarette burn, and upholstery stain will drive your car’s value down. However, if you are planning to sell your car, reconditioning it is a worthwhile investment. You can gain back what you paid for since it can realistically double the car’s resale value.

    3. To Fix Wear and Tear

    Your vehicle spends most of the day exposed to weather and outdoor elements. The hot rays of the sun, snow, rain, and storm winds will eventually wear down your car’s paint and metal finish. Dents and scratches can come from any source. For instance, they can come from rocks, tree branches, and even large fruits – like coconuts. These can cause major dents when they hit your car. You can park while doing your weekly groceries and come back to find deep scratches or dents on your car. These dents and scratches will pile up. If left untreated, they can cause rusting.

    Years of driving will also cause dirt and grime to accumulate on your car’s engine. Parts of the engine may also need replacement. For minor cleaning, we recommend using this homemade degreaser for cars to clean your engine. But extensive cleaning of the entire engine bay requires a professional. You wouldn’t want to damage any of the sensitive electronic parts. Vehicle reconditioning will wipe out these accumulated damages and make your car fresh and spotless.

    4. If You Want to Restore a Vintage or Classic Car

    Enthusiasts buy vintage or classic cars to restore them to their original state. The motivation could be either to sell the car after reconditioning it or to keep it as part of a collection. Since these cars are decades old, the paint may be chaffed and cracked. Decades’ worth of dust may be sitting on the car’s exterior and interior. If you are planning to sell the vintage car, reconditioning will add a hefty price on the resale value. If you are a collector, then reconditioning will make it a worthy addition to your collection.

    In some cases, these old cars are in terrible shape due to decades of neglect. This means that the car’s engine could have stalled and needed extensive repair. Door panels and upholstery might be damaged beyond detailing. Since these are classics, replacement parts may be hard to find. This will entail additional services outside the scope of a vehicle reconditioning.

    Restoration of vintage cars is a passion project. You can’t place a price tag on it. Reconditioning can make your vehicle ready for the car show. But it is only recommended if your vintage car does not need a major overhaul.

    If your automobile doesn’t need vehicle reconditioning but you want to make it look as beautiful as the first time you drove it, go for vehicle detailing.  Call now and schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts.

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