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Car Interior Cleaning Tips – 10 Places in the Car People Often Forget to Clean

  • Car Interior Cleaning Tips - 10 Places in the Car People Often Forget to Clean
    December 9, 2019

    Maintaining the cleanliness of your car interior is necessary to ensure you and your passengers’ health, wellness and safety. Plus, a well-maintained interior can increase the perceived value of your vehicle. So, in case you want to sell it, you’ll get more money from it. This is why you need some car interior cleaning tips for areas in your vehicle that you might be forgetting.

    Car Interior Cleaning Tips for Places People Forget About

    1. Glove Compartment

    The glove compartment is where you place the car manual, small tools, receipts when you’re on the go, small toys and tokens, and personal effects. Because it’s so loaded, you often forget to clean it.

    However, if you don’t clean it, dust and contaminants from the objects you put in there can be perfect thriving grounds for germs and bacteria. You wouldn’t want to risk your and your loved ones’ health, right? Take a note and carefully clean this spot next time you detail your vehicle’s interior.

    And while we’re discussing the glove compartment, here’s one more of our favorite car cleaning tips and tricks – place a box of wet wipes in it (given you have enough space in there) for emergency clean-ups.

    2. Sun Visors

    What do you do when you’re driving with the sunlight against your face? You put down your sun visor to protect your eyes against the sunlight’s glare, right? But because it’s located above, and sometimes hold IDs, membership cards or receipts, you promise yourself to clean it another day until you completely forget about it.

    Since you touch your sun visors with your hands, oils from the food you’ve just eaten may leave ugly marks that can prove to be difficult to clean later on. Therefore, take our car interior cleaning tips and gently wipe the sun visors when you get into your vehicle.

    3. Car Interior Cleaning Tips for Under the Doors

    Yes, those areas under your vehicle’s doors are often forgotten, especially if you only go for exterior cleaning services. But those areas should not be ignored. You step on them each time you go in and out of your vehicle. Your shoes can leave mud, animal waste, and other contaminants. Not only do they look unsightly, but they also may carry harmful germs and bacteria that can compromise passengers’ health and wellness.

    4. Under Carpets

    The areas under your carpets are not really forgotten. It’s just that removing them can be a very tedious process. But not deep cleaning them every six months or so can be detrimental to your health.

    Food and drink spills, animal urine, and excess rainwater from your shoes can cause moisture under the carpets. Left unattended, that moisture can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. In turn, when inhaled, these can negatively affect your well-being.

    5. Area Around the Pedals

    You clean your pedals – great! But how about the surrounding area? Yes, some vehicle owners and even car wash employees sometimes forget that area.

    So, what happens when you don’t clean them? Trapped moisture caused by wet shoes can become breeding grounds of mold, mildew, germs, and bacteria. Not a healthy environment, especially for children and sickly adults.

    6. Car Interior Cleaning Tips for Under the Seats

    If you keep on forgetting cleaning the areas under your seats because you think they don’t get that dirty anyway, you might be surprised at the amount of dirt they can actually collect. Especially if you have children who eat, drink, and do art stuff inside your vehicle.

    Unattended, the trash under your seats can cause bad car odor and, worse, serve as open invitation for unwanted germs and bacteria.

    7. Cup Holders

    One of the most common places that people forget when cleaning their vehicles is the cup holder area. For one, it often times has a cup in it. Second, the area is very small and requires careful detailing. However, not cleaning it can not only create a sticky mess brought about by spills from sugary drinks, but it can also lead to an awful smell in the car.

    8. Cargo Area

    If you’ve got a hatchback for a car, the cargo area is one place you might be missing when cleaning your vehicle. Why? It’s because you store your reserve tires in there, golf stuff, and a lot more.

    Sometimes, you even haul bags of wet items – grocery bags with wet items, gym clothes wet with sweat, and so on. So, you need to clean it regularly. Otherwise, it can emit bad odors which can affect your health and wellness. This is definitely one of the car interior cleaning tips you must always remember.

    9. Headliner

    “Oh, I’ve forgotten to clean the headliner! Well, they are above, anyway, there’s no need to clean them at this time,” some people say, until they completely forget about them.

    Here’s one of the car cleaning tips you should bear in mind. The headliner, like the rest of your vehicle’s interior, needs TLC from time to time. It can absorb dust and other contaminants, which can attract airborne germs and bacteria.

    10. AC Vents

    You’ve got a weird, funky smell inside your vehicle even if you’ve already cleaned under the seats and carpets. You’re sure you’ve already emptied the trash can, too. No spilled food or drinks anywhere. Where is it coming from?

    Chances are, it’s your vents that’s causing the smell. Yes, it’s one of the areas that are most often forgotten. You may have passed up cleaning them because you didn’t have the time or might have cleaned them on the surface only.

    Taking thorough care of the AC vents is not simply one the important luxury car cleaning tips you will get. On the contrary, every vehicle owner should do it or ask their detailing service provider to do it for them. Improper cleaning of vents can not only lead to bad odor. It can also harbor air-borne germs and bacteria that may compromise your heath and safety.

    These are just ten areas that you may be forgetting when cleaning your vehicle. Use these car interior cleaning tips above to ensure your prized possession provides you with a clean and safe drive. Not only will you enjoy traveling in a fresh-smelling interior, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that your and your passengers’ health is protected, too.

    Now, if you lack the time to apply the car interior cleaning tips given above, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your car professionally detailed – inside and out.

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