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Model Car Interior Detailing – How Is It Done?

  • Model Car Interior Detailing How Is It Done
    March 2, 2021

    Interior detailing transforms the inside of any car regardless of its size, make or model. If you want a vehicle to look immaculate, you have to put the work in. Model car interior detailing shares many of the cleaning methods and techniques used in full-size vehicles. The main difference is that the work is simply done on a much smaller scale. However, the attention to detail remains the same and a careful approach is recommended so as not to cause any damage. Overall, it is intricate work that requires good hand-to-eye coordination.

    Building and detailing scale model cars has witnessed a revival in recent times. People searching for a creative pastime have discovered the fascinating world of model cars. Model cars are carefully built using scaled-down measurements of actual vehicles. There is an extensive range to suit individual taste and budget. You can take your pick from a Mini Cooper to a Mercedes Benz. Model cars can become much-loved possessions. Therefore, you want to look after them, hence the reason why model car interior detailing is important.

    The Steps of Scale Model Car Interior Detailing

    You will find model cars not only in private collections but also in museums. Many are collectible items, so this is where model car interior detailing comes into its own. Some model cars are investment pieces. For example, a specific Ferrari Monza SP2 model in 1:8 scale can cost around $14,000. Bear in mind, this market is not just about miniature model cars. You can invest your time and money building or purchasing larger-scale model cars. Some model car makers offer a bespoke service and will build a model car that is the perfect representation of your dream car. Here are the steps worth taking when detailing any type of model car regardless of size or cost.

    Preparation for Model Car Interior Detailing

    Scale model car interior detailing pretty much replicates the process of standard car interior detailing that is carried out on full-size cars. Whatever the size of the vehicle, it helps to be prepared for the job. It is also important to choose the best place to carry out your model car interior detailing. Somewhere you will be undisturbed while you work. This could be the spare bedroom or the garage. You will also need the correct tools for the job, see below.  

    Use Small-Scale Tools for Model Car Interior Detailing

    It is important to have the correct interior detailing tools when you are cleaning the inside of a full-size car. The same advice applies when it comes to scale model car interior detailing. However, if you are detailing a car that is 8 times smaller (or whatever the ratio) than the original version, you will need to downsize your tools considerably. For example:

    • Compressed air duster. It is normally used for cleaning computer keyboards and office equipment but is a good alternative for a car vacuum cleaner on the smaller scale.
    • Soft-bristle brushes. A selection of different-sized make-up brushes are ideal
    • Microfiber cloths
    • Pointed-tip cotton swabs
    • Computer screen cleaning wipes

    You may also choose to wear cotton or disposable rubber gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the model car interior while you work.

    Dust the Model Car Exterior

    Before you begin your model car interior detailing, make sure the car exterior is dust-free. It will help to avoid any transfer of dirt to the inside of the car. Lightly brush your model car all over, including the wheels, using one of your soft-bristle brushes. A large make-up brush is the perfect size for this job.

    Begin Detailing the Interior

    Open all the model car doors to make access easier. Use your compressed air duster to carefully loosen and blow out the dust from the car seats, the dashboard and so on. Hold the can at least 4 or 5 inches away from the car interior to make sure it does not leave behind any residue. A couple of short spray bursts should effectively remove any layers of dust that have accumulated inside the car. Alternatively, use a damp microfiber cloth or computer screen cleaning wipes to clean the interior.

    Clean Hard-To-Reach Places with Pointed-Tip Cotton Swabs

    Dip a cotton swab in some warm soapy water for those hard-to-reach places when model car interior detailing. Pay special attention to behind and under the car seats, seatbelts and around the controls on the dashboard. Car interior cleaning tips include detailing the places we often overlook. For example, don’t forget behind the sun vizors, the car roof interior and the inside of the windows.

    Sanitizing the Interior

    Even though you can’t physically sit inside your model car, there is nothing wrong with prioritizing car sanitization. If your model cars are handled frequently, whether being admired by adults or small children, dirt and germs will accumulate. Use an eco-friendly anti-bacterial spray on a cotton swab to wipe over the interior surfaces for a deeper clean when you are model car interior detailing. On a larger scale, killing viruses with steam is an effective car interior cleaning method carried out by some professional detailers.

    Polish the Model Car Interior

    Just like you use various specialized products to clean the inside of your car, you will also need a specific polish for model car interior detailing. Use one that is recommended for a full-size car. Nothing beats the high-shine of a polished car interior. After applying the car polish, use microfiber polishing cloths to buff and shine the dashboard, console and door handles.

    Detailing Larger Size Model Cars

    Car enthusiasts who invest in model cars that are almost full scale will naturally want to maintain the appearance of the car. A cotton swab will not cut it when model car interior detailing on a larger scale. Therefore, larger-size model cars will benefit from using the same interior detailing tools as used when cleaning the inside of a “real” car.

    Specialist Cleaning Supplies

    High-quality scale model cars often use the original materials to ensure the perfect reproduction. For example, this may include premium leather seats and steering wheel, high-grade plastic for the dashboard and center console, and handcrafted fabric for seatbelts. If you are working with a luxurious interior albeit on a miniature scale, be sure to use the correct cleaning supplies when it comes to DIY car interior cleaning and sanitizing.

    Post-Detailing Tip

    To keep your model car’s paintwork and interior in good condition, store it away from direct sunlight. Some model car owners prefer to keep their cars in glass or clear plastic display boxes to help minimize the collection of dust.


    Model car interior detailing is intricate work. However, if you follow the steps and use the recommended tools it can be great fun and immensely rewarding. Be mindful that you are working with miniature pieces that have been glued together. It is wise to take your time and clean your model car interior carefully to achieve the best results without damaging the structure and delicate interior.

    If you appreciate the immaculate results of a freshly cleaned car,  why not schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have a real car experience of what professional auto detailing services are all about.

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