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Bus Washing and Bus Detailing Services

Provide your passengers an enjoyable ride every time with a professionally detailed fleet of buses. At DetailXPerts, we understand that buses need to be consistently clean to maintain their optimum condition. With our bus washing and detailing services, we use steam cleaning technology to deliver spotless and sanitized surfaces on both the exterior and interior of your vehicles.

Our Bus Washing and Bus Detailing Services

Complete Bus Detailing with Exceptional Results

From the exterior, upholstery to the floor matting, out team of experts makes sure that all areas of the bus are cleaned to perfection. They remove dirt, grime and other contaminants from all surfaces to prevent possible paint damage and corrosion.

Healthy and Safe for Everyone on Board

Buses collect dust, grime, food particles, and other contaminants all the time. If neglected they can pose a health risk to everyone on board. Our steam cleaning technology kills 99% of bacteria upon contact! Which means that it effectively sanitizes your entire vehicle. It allows us to effectively clean every surface without using harmful chemicals that may leave toxic residue.

It's Not Cleaned If It's Not Steamed!

Other Advantages of DetailXPerts' Bus Washing and Bus Detailing Services

  • Convenient and Time-saving

We service any type and size of buses right at your location. Hiring our professional detailers will save you time and will also increase your profits. How? By letting you focus on growing your transport business.

  • Green and Eco-friendly Choice

Using steam significantly cuts down water usage. It gives your fleet a showroom glossy look without using harsh cleaning chemicals that pollute the environment.

  • Happy Passengers

When you take advantage of our professional bus washing and bus detailing services, you’ll get clients astonished with the cleanliness of your vehicles. And “happy clients” translates to excellent reviews and free word-of-mouth advertisement. Ultimately, this leads to more clients and business for you!