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Welcome to the Superior Truck Wash in Chattanooga

DetailXPerts of Greater Chattanooga offers superior truck wash and vehicle detail services. It uses the company's unique steam technology for cleaning vehicles.

We Focus On Your Needs

At DetailXPerts Chattanooga, we focus only on three things: provide you with clean and safe vehicles in half the time; work according to your comfort and convenience; and save the environment in the process.

Clean and Safe Trucks

Our expert truck detailers use our unique method to give your vehicle's exterior that dazzling sparkle that can thwart off DOT officials while providing you with a bacteria-free, fresh-smelling interior. Of course, clean trucks attract and earn the trust of more customers!

The Difference Lies In Our Technology

We don't just clean your vehicles. Our green technology complements Chattanooga's Climate Action Plan. Our unique truck wash and vehicle detail services uses only four gallons of water for cleaning huge trucks, even less for smaller vehicles, thus saving a lot of this precious substance. Our use of organic cleaning materials hugely eliminates the chances of contaminating the soil, surface water and groundwater.

A Greener Chattanooga

The 2008 State of Chattanooga Region Report on the Environment by the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies states that “the per capita carbon footprint of the region is relatively large and growing.”This is why Chattanoogans take the extra effort to keep your environment clean. What better way to do so than by keeping your vehicles clean and well-maintained? Clean vehicles last longer and perform better, thus reducing the chances of vehicles ending as scrap metals in landfills. Schedule an appointment with us and together, we'll help create a cleaner and greener Chattanooga.


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Address 6121-A Heritage Park Drive, Suite #A, Chattanooga, TN 37416, United States
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