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Eco Steam Wash Sustainability Statement

DetailXPerts’ patent-pending vehicle steam wash process is a giant step towards conserving water. Also, it reduces the amount of toxic chemicals being dumped on the environment. The more cars and other types of vehicles we detail, the more successful we get in our endeavor.

Our Eco Steam Wash Sustainability Statement

DetailXPerts is dedicated to delivering supreme eco steam wash services with integrity. At the same time, we care for communities and respect the environment.


We are the bellwether of embracing philanthropic approach and environment-friendly processes in the professional detailing sector. We encourage our competitors to follow and take the responsibility of conserving our planet’s limited resources.


This outlook has led us to institutionalize a triple bottom line in our operations: the philosophy of People, Planet and Profit.


We understand that sustaining a greener planet requires spreading information. DetailXPerts is committed to educating employees as well as customers on sustainability topics through internal meetings, round table discussions, and public presentations. We strive towards forcing the issue to a point that knowledge transfers into daily habits.


A few ways consumers can contribute towards a greener planet are by:

Assessing the insulation for gaps and temperature moderation

Regular vehicle upkeep, maintaining proper inflation pressures on tires to improve gas mileage

Buying Energy Star qualified appliances and devices

Using environmentally-friendly household products

Reducing water consumption for residential yards through xeriscaping, timers, and rain gauges


Besides we also dedicate our Corporate Social Responsibility wing to promote philanthropic spirit in the industry and work towards inspiring a change in the community.

PlanetEco Steam Wash Sustainability Statement

DetailXPerts is working hard to devise environment-friendly processes that take professional eco steam wash and detailing services to new heights. The breakthrough was possible due to our focus on delivering inspiring results while preserving nature. We are proud to be a professional detailing services business with less carbon footprint.


We achieved this feat by setting up challenges and infusing sustainability practices in our entire business chain, right from operations to administration.


On the administration side, we:

Established and implemented a comprehensive recycling program

Utilize post-consumer recycled content for office paper, towels, and bathroom tissue

Encourage telecommuting and carpools among employees to further reduce noxious gases released by automobiles

Use motion sensors to turn off idle lighting and save energy consumption

Monitor heating and cooling usage during non-business hours

Embraced e-technologies including scanners and e-mail to reduce paper and mail volume

Adopted company-wide systems policy for “sleep” and similar low-power modes on all electronics


On the operational side, we:

Developed water reduction technologies – waterless eco steam wash & cleaning methods

Devised energy conservation strategies

Adopted strict policy to procure only environmentally-friendly products or the best alternative possible

Installed modern lighting technologies, including fluorescent and LED, to greatly reduce energy consumption and provide a healthier lighting level

Utilize tele-presence technologies to reduce unnecessary travel


DetailXPerts strives to be a profitable member of our community not only through the traditional emphasis of stock valuations, sales volumes, profit margins, etc. Our eco steam wash and detailing business’s comprehensive definition of Profit also includes:

Support and endorsement of partner companies embracing fair treatment of people and the communities in which they reside

Avoidance of so called “greenwashing” – exaggeration of environmental or social advancements, in all company communications

Revenue generation without interfering with the pledges made above towards People and Planet

Running a sustainable business, producing economic benefits through direct means (increased revenues) and intangible ones

Preservation and improvement of environment in all aspects of operations


You can join the green revolution!

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