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Gym Cleaning Services / Fitness Cleaning Services

North America is the region with the largest membership base for fitness centers in the world. In the US alone there were 36,000 membership-based exercise facilities with 57.25 million members in 2016 (according to Statista’s data). Statistic Brain, in a research done at the end of August 2017, gives a similar figure on the annual number of people who use a gym or a health club – 58 million. That’s more than 158,900 people going in and out of exercise studios on a DAILY basis. Can you imagine all the dirt, dust, and microorganisms that these people bring in with them? And it’s not like they stay at one place while on the premises – they walk around, use different training equipment, and so on, spreading sweat and dust particles around. If you own or manage such a place, you need to provide your clients with a safe, hygienic environment that will ensure not only a high level of customer experience but also the well-being of visitors and employees. This is where DetailXPerts’ gym cleaning services and fitness cleaning services come into play.

Why DetailXPerts’ Gym Cleaning Services / Fitness Cleaning Services?

DetailXPerts’ gym cleaning services and fitness cleaning services are like no other. We use a unique method that will make your place shine like new. Our own patent-pending technology utilizes the power of steam to bring nothing less than brilliant results. We will not only clean your facility to perfection, but we will also sanitize it deeply as hot water vapor is guaranteed to remove up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful germs. Hence, you get a sparklingly clean studio AND a safe environment for your clientele and staff.

While being tough on dirt and microorganisms, our steam process is safe and gentle on the surface finish, so you do not need to worry about damaging sensitive exteriors. Additionally, it uses only a small amount of water to clean large areas. Conserving this natural resource is one way that we help Mother Earth. Another way is by using eco-friendly products that are biodegradable and do not contaminate soil, water, air, or another element. Furthermore, our professional staff will only use microfiber towels, whose production does not involve water contamination or use of pesticides, as the case is with cotton cloths. In a nutshell, DetailXPerts’ gym cleaning services and fitness cleaning services are eco-friendly, super effective, safe, and affordable!

It's Not Cleaned If It's Not Steamed!

Other Advantages of DetailXPerts’ Gym Cleaning Services / Fitness Cleaning Services

There’s more to add to the advantages of using our steam-based, eco-friendly gym cleaning services and fitness cleaning services.

Added Value

When you employ DetailXPerts’ services, you will WOW your patrons. For one, they will appreciate the extraordinarily high level of cleanliness in your studio. Two, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn how you take into consideration their personal health and well-being beyond the exercises and professional training tips. Finally, they will experience a sense of comfort and cleanliness like never before. This is what we call adding value to one’s services and going beyond customers’ expectations.

New Level of Relationship

Based on the above point, you will be able to build a stronger and longer-lasting relationship with your clients. In addition, gym fans are usually people who have a strong consideration not only of their own well-being but of nature’s as well. Let them know how your fitness club contributes to helping the environment and you’ll win their loyalty.

A Competitive Advantage

Choosing DetailXPerts as your cleaning services provider will give you an edge over your competition. Build a reputation of being eco-friendly and mindful of your visitors’ health. Enhance your marketing and advertising with this competitive advantage and the results will follow soon.

Our gym cleaning services / fitness cleaning services are suitable for other types of sports facilities as well – yoga studios, health clubs, dance studios, etc. Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.