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Monthly Specials

Staying true to our mission of helping more and more people lead a more conscious life by offering unique eco-friendly steam wash and detailing services, DetailXPerts runs regular promotional campaigns. Thus, we do our best to enable you to join the green movement effortlessly. From January to December, we offer exclusive monthly specials, coupons, and extras for new customers, returning clients, and our Green Rewards Program members.

How We Select Our Monthly Specials

The process of developing, organizing, and offering our monthly specials may be more complex that you imagine. We have a dedicated team of professionals who run thorough researches to understand our clients’ needs and preferences. They sum up the results and analyze them carefully. Then propose a variety of promotional activities to suit your demands. What is more, we take an additional path of matching these proposals to preassigned monthly themes. Then select the ones that fit most perfectly. Thus, we ensure that there is a meeting point between our clients’ requests and our monthly specials.

How You Benefit from Our Monthly Specials

With a different set of discounts and promotional activities each month, DetailXPerts encourages you to try out a variety of our detailing services. Just to see for yourself the astonishing results our steam process produces. Furthermore, by getting our monthly specials you become part of a dedicated community which constantly strives to improve our environment. A community which saves nature for the benefit of all humanity. To top it all, you get to save some hard-earned dollars and invest them in what you consider most valuable – your family, your home, your community …

Other Monthly Specials Benefits

To top all advantages listed above, our monthly specials can also provide you with a unique gift idea! No matter what the occasion might be, you may choose any of our offers and style it up as a present! Birthdays, office parties, family celebrations – you name it, we have a solution for it! Our gift certificates complement it all – order online or ask at your nearest DetailXPerts location.

NB! Monthly specials available at participating locations. Contact your local DetailXPerts business for more details.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monthly Special by DetailXPerts

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day Special

    Offer Good January 1 - 20, 2020

    On January 20th this year we celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., whom we will always remember as a strong person who never stopped chasing his goals. Because he had a dream. And determination. This January we salute everyone who has a dream - a dream of starting their own business! And determination to chase their dream until it becomes a reality. To help you in this process and to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, at DetailXPerts we are having a special for you - go to our LinkedIn page between January 1st and 20th and like the post, pinned on the top. In return, we will send you our exclusive e-guide on “How to Set up Your Own Auto Detailing Business in under 2 Months” by the end of the month! Be among the first to get access to it and start working on your dreams!

    Code : AMLK2020

  • DetailXPerts National Get Organized Month

    National Get Orgaized Month Special

    Offer Good January 1 - 31, 2020

    January is National Get Organized Month and we salute it. It’s the month to clean up, clean out, and get organized. Let’s face it, after the holidays we all need it. But while you’re organizing, don’t forget to take care of the transportation that gets you there, and gets you back. After all, how much time do you spend in your vehicle? DetailXPerts will give your car or truck the brilliant sparkle it deserves (and needs) with our unique eco-sensitive steam cleaning system. Join our Steam Car Wash Loyalty Program and get 10% OFF our Presidential Detail every Sunday and Wednesday in January.

    Code : AORG2020

  • DetailXPerts Winter Good Health Promo

    Winter Good Health Promotion

    Offer Good Every Monday and Tuesday in January, 2020

    Colds, flu, bugs, viruses … they do go around every winter, don’t they? Germs and bacteria grow and multiply in the warmth of your steamy enclosed car, spreading sickness and viruses to everyone who comes in contact with it. Why not eliminate nasty germs regularly by having DetailXPerts’ unique cleaning process sanitize and sterilize your car. Save 10% OFF an Organic Interior Cleaning while you promote good health and reduce potential downtime! All you need to do to be eligible to get this discount is leave your review on our website page and don’t forget to mention where you got our services!

    Code : AHEA2020

  • Special Gift Certificate Discount Days

    Special Gift Certificate Discount Days

    Offer Good January 20 - 31, 2020

    When’s the best time to get a good deal on gifts? Right after the holidays, of course! At DetailXPerts, we want to reward you for being such a terrific gift-giver by giving you a gift of your very own. Buy a green Gift Certificate for at least $100 on these sale dates and get $20 OFF the final price. Do you know how to buy a gift or what? The gift of a beautifully-cleaned, sparkling, sanitized car is always thoughtful and shows how much you care.

    Code : ACER2020

  • DetailXPerts' Monthly Specials for Green Rewards Program Members

    Green Rewards Program Special

    Offer Good January 1 - 31, 2020

    It wasn’t easy, but you survived the holidays, and we’d like to reward you. Green Rewards Members get special discounts all year long, with a bonus deal on your birthday or anniversary! In January, our loyal customers, we’re offering you 10% OFF our Presidential Detail service every Wednesday and Sunday! WOW … what a great way to start the year! Do something green for Mother Earth with an eco-friendly clean car, while you do something really nice for yourself, like saving some green.

    To be eligible, you must enroll in our Green Rewards car wash loyalty program or show your Member Card.