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Ultimate Eco Wash

Do you want your car professionally detailed? Yet, concerned about the harmful effects of wastewater to the environment? DetailXPerts has the right answer to your needs! Our Ultimate Eco Wash service package is 100% environment friendly, using our revolutionary patent-pending steam cleaning technology.

Our Ultimate Eco Wash Service

Effective All-in-One Cleaning Solution

The Ultimate Eco Wash service package provides you with a holistic cleaning solution. It utilizes minimal water consumption and zero chemical use. Our professional detailers will start by washing your car’s exterior by hand. Then steam clean and polish the wheel rims and wells. They will finalize the exterior with tire dressing, then move on to your vehicle’s interior. Again, they will use the green power of steam to clean everything on the inside, vacuum and deodorize.

Get Your Vehicle Sparkling Clean with Just a Pint of Water!

Using only a pint of water for an average-sized car, we can deliver top quality clean and a showroom perfect shine. And we do it quickly and effectively. That means no mess, no waste water, and no chemical run-off. What you get is an eco-friendly professional detailing service that stays on for long. Our Ultimate Eco Wash service package is designed to help your vehicle look its very best. Moreover, it helps you contribute to saving the environment.

If you’ve always wanted to contribute towards building a greener and healthier planet, here’s your chance. Let us clean, polish, and restore the shine to your vehicle while you make a difference for the environment.

It's Not Cleaned If It's Not Steamed!

Our Ultimate Eco Wash Package Includes:

Exterior Services:

  • Gently hand wash exterior using microfiber mitts to prevent light scratches
  • Gently hand dry using microfiber towels to prevent light scratches
  • Remove exterior bug, tar, and road grime
  • Steam clean tires, rims, and wheel wells
  • Steam clean door jambs and gas cap
  • Steam clean windows and mirrors (outside)
  • Wax
  • Apply dressing on tires and wheel wells
  • Apply dressing on exterior plastic trim

Interior Services

  • Complete interior wipe down
  • Vacuum all interior areas, including trunk
  • Clean windows and mirrors (inside)
  • Steam clean and sanitize interior dash, console, and mats
  • Steam clean and sanitize headliner, seats, and carpets
  • Steam clean and sanitize door panels and jambs
  • Sanitize air/ventilation system
  • Apply interior plastic/leather/vinyl conditioner

*Extra charges for excessive dirt, tar, or heavily soiled vehicles