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Why Car Franchise

Our Difference: A DetailXPerts Truck and Car Franchise

Companies all over the world are beginning to embrace green living not only to increase customer engagement but also to cut costs, leading to bigger and better profits in the future. Banking institutions such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase have placed billions in clean energy investments; board directors of global corporations like Siemens and GE have aligned their visions towards going green; manufacturers such as Unilever and their ilk have followed suit.

Owning a truck and car franchise with DetailXPerts means that you’ll benefit from our industry experience and business expertise. The support and business set-up you receive from DetailXPerts headquarters ensures your success.

Here’s what DetailXPerts offers and how we differ from other franchises:

Strong Brand

We’re on the rise.

We’ve formulated a perfected model that just makes a lot of sense. Our truck car wash franchise brand is recognized in our market territories for our environmentally-friendly values and our strong services. Our customers love coming to us for the convenience and highly professional detailing services which we deliver with pizzazz and personality. Learn more about our market position.

Established Business

Our business model is strong.

Franchisees get to utilize the DetailXPerts’ model which has worked successfully in a countless number of cities. With our solid foundations and our strong experience, we’ve formulated a perfected model that will propel through launching and growing your business.

Competitive Technology

Our steam cleaning technology is the first of its kind.

A new Water-saving, chemical-reducing way to car detail. DetailXPerts offers the market what it wants: an ecologically sound way to keep up a car’s presentation. Instead of wasting buckets of water, we’ve created a new water-saving, chemical-reducing way to detail cars. Join us as a franchisee and you’ll have the upper-hand on the industry with our cutting-edge technology.

Active Headquarters

We’re an active truck and car wash business.

When you join DetailXPerts, you get assistance from start to finish. Because the DetailXPerts headquarters works hard, franchisees enjoy rockstar support in training, business operations guidance, and marketing support. For those committed to delivering excellence and consistently growing, DetailXPerts’ support makes success happen.

Low Maintenance & Flexibility

Enjoy low overhead and flexibility.

Enjoy rockstar support in training,business tips,and marketing support. Our services are mobile—so this means you enjoy a low overhead. This, in turn, means you don’t need buckets of initial investment dollars. Also franchisees can purchase unlimited number of vehicle detailing units. This gives franchisees the opportunity to ramp up and ramp down your car wash business capacity as desired.

Learn more about DetailXPerts Franchise Cost.

Bigger Profits

Enjoy bigger profits, as you grow bigger.

We care for our franchisees. So we don’t ask for bigger contributions as franchisees grow. DetailXPerts ensures that those bigger profits go to our hard-working franchisees. We want you to feel motivated about growing and working harder.

Easy Entry

No experience needed.

No business experience is needed to join DetailXPerts, because we will give you business training. And you don’t need to know about auto industry, because we will teach you our method of car detailing. This training will help you succeed. An entrepreneurial spirit, an openness to learn, and a desire to make the most of your DetailXPerts career is all we ask of our franchisees.

See the profile of our ideal franchisee.

Solid Values

Our technology and process allows us to do something good for the environment.

Other truck detailing businesses may not be concerned about the environment. But DetailXPerts ensures that as we grow we’re doing something good for our planet. We also commit to developing communities by training business leaders and enhancing their lives with new skills. Join us and feel great that together we’ll offer positive contributions to our world and communities.