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Month: December 2012

  • 27, Dec 2012
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    How to Improve Your Fuel Economy

    There are ways to get the most out of every drop of petroleum that you put into your car by simply changing your driving habits, putting a little more thought into every trip you take, and keeping your car in tiptop shape all the time. Read the blog post to know more on how to save fuel with your old car.

  • 24, Dec 2012
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    Buying a Used Boat

    If you’re planning to buy secondhand watercraft, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that every penny you spend is worth it. Read the blog post to know more about what to consider when buying a pre-owned watercraft.

  • 20, Dec 2012
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    Boat Detailing Equipment

    Are you planning to strip your boat or yacht down to the hull and to perform an all-out detailing job? Cleaning your boat from top to bottom is no easy feat. Read the blog post to know more about how to properly detail your boat like a pro.

  • 20, Dec 2012
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    Stormwater Management and Pollution Prevention

    Most car owners skimp on their car’s regular detailing appointment by simply doing the washing and wiping down on their own, right in their own garages. Most car owners don’t realize how much water they consume every time they wash vehicles on their own, but the truth is that professional car care experts can do the same job using a lot less water. Read the blog post to know tips to contribute to stormwater management efforts.

  • 13, Dec 2012
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    Car Wash Regulation: Environmental Laws that Govern Professional Detailing Business

    Operating your own professional auto detailing facility can be a financially-rewarding and environmentally-sound enterprise. It’s not enough to simply engage in a lucrative enterprise—you have to do your share in protecting the planet too. Read the blog post to know more about car wash regulation that can make a difference in saving our planet.

  • 10, Dec 2012
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    Car Wash Industry: Market Trends and Issues

    If you’re looking for a new business opportunity to engage in, the car wash industry is a great place to start. It may be more advisable to cash in on an existing business model since you won’t have to start from scratch—you will enter the market with a workable strategy, available clientele, and brand goodwill. Read the blog post to know more about the car wash industry and its trend and issues in the near future.

  • 06, Dec 2012
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    Automotive Upholstery: How to Reupholster Car Seats

    Car owners tend to pay far more attention to the engine, exterior, and paintwork than to the seats and leather trim. The truth is that keeping your car’s upholstery clean and fresh is a key element to maintaining not just the vehicle’s overall beauty but also its functionality and comfort. Read more to find out how you can reupholster car seats from the comfort of your own home.

  • 03, Dec 2012
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    Questions to Consider before Starting Up Your Own Auto Detailing Business

    Starting a company from the ground up is an all-encompassing endeavour that starts out intimidating and gets more complicated from there. Everyone wants their own business, but few of us can really hack it. If you love beautifying cars, then read the blog to see what questions you should have answered before owning your own auto detailing business