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Boat Detailing

  • 15, Jun 2015
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    Gelcoat Crack Repair: DIY or Professional Help?

    Gelcoat crack repair can be done as an easy at-home job or you can get the help of a professional service. Which option will give you better results? Read on.

  • 28, May 2015
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    A Guide to Boat Gelcoat Protection

    Are you wondering how to protect your boat’s gelcoat? Follow our boat gelcoat maintenance and protection tips to make yours last up to two decades.

  • 08, Jan 2015
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    Gel Coat or Marine Paint for Boats: Which is better?

    To keep your boat in tip-top shape, it’s essential you use the right products to repair any minor damage. Can’t decide which products to use? We compare gel coat and marine paint to help you decide.

  • 24, Jun 2013
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    How Often Should You Wax Your Boat

    Keeping your boat looking clean and working at tiptop condition is a lifetime commitment. Every trip on the water means exposing your boat to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, to the sediment, salt, and mineral deposits in the water, and to the constant action of the wind. No boat is tough enough to withstand the assault of the elements without a little maintenance from the boat owner every now and then.

  • 20, Jun 2013
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    Boat Maintenance: How to Clean a Greasy Boat Bilge

    When you’re riding the waves and soaking up the sun on a good day, it’s easy to forget that your boat is a machine that requires constant care and attention from you. The truth is that you do have to engage in consistent boat maintenance if you want to hold on to it for longer. The boat bilge might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the things you need to clean on your boat, but it is in fact one of the dirtiest, smelliest, and nastiest places on board.

  • 17, Jun 2013
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    Boat Engine Steam Cleaning – To Do or Not to Do

    We have all heard of the many wonders that steam cleaning technology can do for our car’s engine. Steam is still the most powerful, most environmentally-friendly, and most time-efficient method you can use to clean your car’s tricky components, such as the engine block and chassis. However, is boat engine steam cleaning as beneficial and efficient?

  • 13, Jun 2013
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    Boat Maintenance Tips: Underwater Hull Cleaning

    Before sailing on your first ever trip this spring, make sure that your beloved boat is ready to take on the churning waters once again. The months it spent in storage might not have been kind to its fiberglass structure, so you have to check if the hull has maintained its integrity.

  • 06, Jun 2013
    Boat Maintenance Tips: Boat Hull Cleaning

    Boat Maintenance Tips: Boat Hull Cleaning

    Your boat has been in storage since the last few weeks of autumn. Now that the new boating season is looming closer, have you inspected your vessel to check if it is fit for this year’s marine adventures? Boat maintenance is key if you want to get the most out of your boat this season – including boat hull cleaning.

  • 03, Jun 2013
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    Interior Cleaning Tips for Better Boat Care

    Your boat is never good enough without a thorough boat detailing appointment every now and then. But, this does not mean that you can just slack off from DIY cleaning tasks in between your appointments.

  • 27, May 2013
    Boat Maintenance: How to Use Gel Coat

    Boat Maintenance: How to Use Gel Coat

    Clear coat is to cars as gel coat is to boats. This is the tough but thin layer of protection that sits on top of the paint and protects it from water, wind, dust, dirt, and debris. Because the gel coat is subjected to great strain every time you go out for a water adventure, it’s important for every boat owner to know how to maintain and restore the gel coat throughout the boat’s lifetime. With good boat maintenance, your gel coat will last for several years and keep your vessel looking incredible.