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  • 22, Feb 2011

    Clean Air Equals Healthy Heart

    Eating, smoking, coughing and sneezing are just a few things we do in our vehicles. In other words you are simply spreading germs in your vehicle’s cabin. We spend a tremendous amount of time in our cars and not many people actually calculate how much time is spent there. One hour here, two hours there and it’s a safe bet to say you spend more time in your car than in your own dining room. That is why it is essential to have your vehicle sanitized and sterilized.

  • 08, Feb 2011

    You Are Killing Me

    Not many people care about their heart. This is a bold statement to make but none the less the truth. You would think the weather would slow people down from smoking. Who wants to stand in seventeen degree weather smoking? Nope, that does not stop smokers one last bit.

  • 04, Feb 2011

    Green Rewards Program Encourages You to Save Water by Using Steam Cleaning Services

    DetailXPerts professional detailing business launches one of a kind customer recognition program in honor of Black History Month. Enroll now in the DetailXPerts Green Rewards Program and celebrate the Black History Month 2011 with us.

  • 02, Feb 2011

    African Americans Contribute to a Safer America

    All great African American inventors leave behind a legacy of creativity, ingenuity and selflessness that serve to inspire many generations. This does not fall short for the creator of DetailXPerts. In 2002 Emmanuel Williams, CEO and inventor of DetailXPerts, perfected a way to clean vehicles using steam. With the idea coming from his eight year old son, the legacy will live on.

  • 02, Feb 2011

    A Healthy Heart – Cupids Love

    Numerous studies show that moderate drinking of alcohol may have a positive effect on your heart and decrease your chances of heart disease. It is when heavy drinking occurs that may damage our heart. Don’t drink much, quit smoking & exercise – this will help you strengthen your heart!

  • 28, Jan 2011

    Your Fleet Needs Detailing

    Your fleet is the carriers of your business and thus you would want them to look good. The way it will look says a lot about your company. DetailXPerts fleet professional detailing services will ensure your park looks good and you – trustworthy.

  • 27, Jan 2011

    What Are Specialty Professional Detailing Services?

    Car detailing was once an expensive and not so common practice. However with professional detailing becoming more and more popular and the tools becoming available to car owners, it has now been easier to do it themselves. What makes DetailXPerts’ services unique? Read more…

  • 24, Jan 2011

    Why Opt for Steam Cleaning Services?

    Steam cleaning dates a few decades back when a bar owner tried to clean a wine glass. See three reasons why you should use steam cleaning professional detailing services in your car as well.

  • 19, Jan 2011

    Car Washing Can Be Art, Too

    The presidential detail is done completely with steam, which is environmentally safe and they use nothing but organic cleaning products. They go over my entire car with a fine toothed comb, and they do it well. When I’m handed back my keys, I’m always overjoyed with how beautiful the Rover looks.

  • 17, Jan 2011

    Effective Steam Cleaning

    The steam cleaning process is designed to swiftly dry and clean surfaces and is even capable of sterilization. Using the heat in this energized state ensures that any bonds whether due to contaminants or dirt is loosen and will be removed afterwards by the vapor jet.

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